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A place between tranquility and activity
mimiking natural ecosystems

The farm was named as a tribute to many generations of labourers and workers who have worked in the valley

and have sharpen their tools on the 40+ years old grindstone found on the property.

It symbolises durability in our Mission, sharpness in our Vision, respect for people, and care for the environment.

Showcasing a whole new experience in agricultural regenerative systems,
agro-tourism, and lifestyle in Mauritius Island.


La Meule Permaculture Farm is a family project to create an agro-ecological research and educational farm center using

the Permaculture Concepts, Principles, and Ethics. The land owner is Société Familial Marylou and has a long-term Lease Agreement with Terganic Limitée for the setting up, and management of the farm.

Both entities are owned by the same family.


The Farm being completely off-grid sustains ourselves, not only with with it's vegetable gardens, main crop fields, food forests, and animal systems, but also our water harvesting systems, energy systems, and other modern and appropriate ecological technologies. The farm acts as a permaculture research and demonstration center, in collaboration

or partnerships with compatible local businesses, wildlife foundations, and governmental units, working together

towards the same goals. We implement on site our results, sustaining us and feeding ourselves from our produce,

and selling all surplus to visitors, and the local markets. 

Nested in the heart of Anse Bambous valley, on the picturesque South East coast of
Bambous Virieux,
Mauritius Island

The farm is being created on a 27 acres of agricultural land acquired in December 2014.

Situated on the lower slopes of Mountain Bambous, the farm is bordered by Rivulet Bambous, and one of the last endemic forests on the island. Partly under sugar cane cultivation (13 acres), over time the property will be completely converted in phases into

an agro-ecological mixed farm using Permaculture designs and technologies.


Landscape designs and earthworks includes specific zones, with a system of swales,

and connecting ponds and dams has been created on the contours of slopes to reduce erosion, harvest rain water, and enables natural irrigation and nutrient absorption where

food forests, and vegetable gardens is to be planted.

Farm animals has been introduced and includes cows, sheep, goats, ducks, chickens, guinea fowls, turkeys, and rabbits, among others. Animal droppings is used as natural fertiliser,

and compost is made on site. Beekeeping helps pollinate fruit trees and vegetable crops in our food forests and kitchen gardens, which has been created on specific zones. All elements of the farm are interconnected and organic nutrient-dense, which naturally helps in the pest control and the general stability of the farm's ecosystem, and it's residents.


Venue hire at the farm.

This is a welcome escape from city life, though easy to get to.

We offer one of the most relaxing and versatile venues in the

area. The feel is rustic and natural, not a typical conference

center venue. At la Meule you are truly in a rural setting

yet only 20 minutes away from town and the international

airport, we are also close to historical sites and landmarks,

chalets and eco-tents, organic farms, hiking trails and sea shores. making us an ideal venue for just about any occasion.

Use our venue, garden or lawn areas for your own custom made event. Every event held at La Meule has its own special flavour

and we encourage you to let your imagination run free on how

you create your own atmosphere. We give you the freedom to plan your event  and encourage you to care for the environment and create a beautiful and eco friendly experience for you and your attendees. We welcome site visits by appointment and can answer any questions you may have.

Our Shop & farmstand is located behind the main veranda of the main house. When we have a surplus, we sell fresh picked vegetables and fruits, and every tuesday is our main harvest day. Sometimes we also have homemade processed food products from the farm, like chilli pastes, dried fruits and vegetables.

In our shop we will soon have books, DVDs, Permaculture and gardening tools. Shirts and other souvenirs you can take back home with you.

Our shop & farmStand

Plant nursery &  seed bank

Our nursery specialises in permaculture multi-functional,

and edible plants and trees. For now, most of our plants & trees are our favorite multi-functional plants that we currently

propagate and use while creating our farm ecosystem. Occasionally, some of our plants & trees can be purchased when available.

All of our plants are grown in living soil, without the use

of artificial fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides or fungicides.

We prioritize using locally sourced materials and offer plants in reused pots as much as possible.


When available, we offer plant material in different forms depending on the season and delivery method. Potted and bare-root plants are available for local customers. Some of our Seeds are available onsite and by post year round.

La Meule