Permaculture Education & Consultancy Services

Operating at La Meule Permaculture Farm | Mauritius Island

Land and Lifestyle Regeneration BY DESIGN

Rural Farms & Home Gardens

Immerse yourself
in a whole new experience
in agricultural systems,
and lifestyle,
using Permaculture
principles and designs.

Together, paving the way for agro-ecology, agro-tourism,

and lifestyles by scaling up local skilled Permaculture communities, and lead-off potentially new eco-entrepeuneurs around the island.


Terganic and La Meule uses, and promotes, modern and appropriate technologies, ecosystems, and trainings. By design, we create opportunities in a new alternative lifestyle, and eco-business environment. Thereof, we aim to strongly participate in developing, promoting, and positioning Mauritius as an environmental leader.

See how a design system for ecological and sustainable living, integrating plants, animals, buildings, people, and communities can help you quickly turn any landscapes into incredible abundance with great opportunities towards a resilient world.

From inspiration to final creation.
Terganic is a full service ecological company.


We design and build, regenerative and resilient landscapes and settlements by specializing in food production, water harvesting,

land restoration, energy mangement, and waste mangement projects, from broad acre farms, to home gardens.

Our intention is to have a social impact by making our services accessible to a diverse variety of communities.

Find out how permaculture principles can transform and regenerate your home, farm, or even work place!

Each sunrise gives a chance for new beginnings !
And we can make it all happen now.
Either as a career, a business, a social organisation, or as in your own personal lifestyle,
not everyone wants, or can afford the same kind of involvement.
So here is a variety of ways we can get you started into the exciting world of the Permaculture movement,
and make a real change towards a brighter futur.

Join our courses and guided tours,

and learn how to create, and

live in a  permaculture lifestyle.

Hire our consultancy services,

as we would help you design your farm

or home garden, to abundance.

Or, volunteer with us for a day,

and get hands-on experience and lunch at our Table d'Hôtes.

Join our Permaculture community

at Anse Bambous, Bambous Virieux, and La Meule Eco-village. Buy land and setup your permaculture lifestyle.

Want to know more about opportunities from a revolutionary agricultural system design,
and a resilient eco-friendly lifestyle? Then book a Guided Tourand meet us for a walk and talk,
at La Meule Permaculture Farm.