Saturday Lunch at the Farm

Wander along the farm trail through our organic gardens, past the chickens that lay our eggs, past the main dam with magnificent views on the surrounding mountains, the pastures with our goats, sheeps, and “Grofi” our family cow who will soon give us milk for our cheese making projects,  and walk through planted fields with produce that we serve at the table d’hôtes.

Amongst the many activities that guests can enjoy on their own, you can observe and learn about our alternative energy systems, water solutions, regenerative agricultural systems, the local culture, and a true exemple of a rural lifestyle in harmony with the natural world we are all part of.

After lunch, you can also have a lookout trail, where you follow the marked trail around our property. It will take you for a nice little hike up the surrounding forested mountain hills and to beautiful viewpoints. Come explore as a day trip, or with a camping package!

There are plenty of activities for visitors who do not want to join our guided tour,
experiences and activities. We are happy for you to explore the farm and the surrounding property at your own pace. Here are just some of the things you can do:

    •    Explore the extensive gardens, and newly planted food forest zones
    •    Use our Book Library and learn about Permaculture, and the local Fauna & Flora.
    •    Enjoy Bird watching
    •    Do yoga/meditation by the dam, or enjoy the chillout spots all around the farm
    •    Enjoy the animal area, and feed the animals
    •    Play games (board games, cards...)
    •    Connect to our wifi network.

Our Saturday Farm Guided Tour

Every Saturday, Thierry, our farm manager, leads a walking tour and discussion about Permaculture and how we can create resilient

and adaptable systems towards the creation of real change in our practical everyday human activities, and how Permaculture Concepts

has been used to design La Meule Permaculture Farm. The tour begins with an introductory explanation and history of permaculture with a focus on creating discussion around what specifically interests the group.  Please come prepared with questions and notebooks if so desired.

Potential topics include: Food Security, Climate Change and Social / Ecological / Environmental issues, Permaculture Zones, Energy Systems,

Land Regeneration and Food Forest, Biointensive Vegetable Production, Keyline Design and Pond Systems, Water Harvesting and Nutrient Flow, What is Permaculture Guilds and Edge Effects...

Attendees should be prepared to walk through wooded trails, pastures and gardens.

The meeting at the Farm is at 9:30am and Lunch is at 12:30pm. After Lunch you can enjoy the Farm and it's surrounding on your own,

and you also have our farm Library, and a free wifi network you can use.


For groups of at least 10 to 20 people, special arrangements and dates can be organised.

The Grand-Port Mountain Range

And The Bambous Mountain

A Unique Farm-To-Table Experience.

At La Meule we eat what we grow and we grow what the land is happy to provide. We believe that good farming and good eating go hand in hand.

At the heart of our organic vegetable gardens, we welcome you to our "table d'hôtes" where we’ve developed a unique menu based on a blend

of Permaculture and traditional Mauritian cuisines: dishes on wood fire, fresh and seasonal products ... An enchanting setting will be at the rendezvous of your lunch. Come and spend a moment of relaxation in a magnificent environment where Anais and Olivier will share their passion for original recipes. You can even ask us to prepare a basket lunch to go in the lawn or up in the forest for a pic-nic.


Take advantage of your stopover to discover the farm products on sale on site.

Do not hesitate to book your date and the number of guests and we will contact you to organise your event.